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Movement Meditation


  • Slow down in a fast paced world.


  • Connect mind-body-soul.


  • In-person and on-line private sessions are customized to your needs & life.


  • If you struggle with sitting still in meditation, then you will LOVE Movement Meditations. 


  • Practice being present within your human vessel, while moving freely. 

  • Tap into your divine feminine.


  • Incorporate vocal release to create healing vibrations within your body and to let stress go.

  • A beautiful mix of Pilates exercises & Reiki energy healing.


To book a Movement Meditation session, please go here

Do you feel overwhelmed?   Do you need to just let shit go? Do you want to practice being present instead of worrying of the future or holding onto the past?

Welcome to Movement Meditation! 

This is one of my personal favorites that I practice regularly.  Be free within your own body!  Loosen up any tightness.  Move your facial muscles and body in different ways.  We incorporate breath work, vocal release, stretching, light Pilates exercises & free movement in these slow-moving sessions. By putting your inhibitions down and letting go, Movement Meditations help you return to your more natural & instinctual state. Step outside of your comfort zone to live in freedom, explore & discover.  Set yourself free.

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