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Reiki with Sound Healing

In a full body Reiki with Sound Healing session, you lay in a relaxed, calm state, focusing on your breath and allowing the healing properties of Reiki and vibrational frequencies of the tuning forks flow into you.  We focus on shedding the roles & expectations of everyday life and return to simply being a human. We remove blockages within the main Chakra system, realigning you from within.  Immerse yourself in the power of energetic healing with the incorporation of healing touch, frequency sound immersion, aromatherapy oils and healing crystals.  Singing bowls & tuning fork frequencies based on your needs.  

What is a tuning fork?

A tuning fork is a metal instrument with two prongs that when struck, it produces a frequency.  We incorporate 2 kinds of tuning forks:  weighted & unweighted tuning forks.


What is the difference between the weighted and unweighted tuning forks?

The weighted tuning forks are primarily used in our sessions for

on-contact vibrational frequencies that travel throughout your body. This practice is safe, gentle and non-invasive.

The unweighted tuning forks are used in our sessions for sound healing frequencies. Both types of forks are incorporated in our sessions, as they work harmoniously together, allowing you to immerse deeper into your Reiki session.


How does sound healing enhance the Reiki sessions?

Reiki is an energy healing practice that incorporates symbols, breath, intention and hands on/hovering technique to help align you from within. The tuning forks create vibrational waves around and inside of you. Our bodies are made up of over 60% of water, which allows the frequencies to more easily resonate throughout. The combination of Reiki & Tuning Forks helps remove blockages, which may bring up emotions and heaviness you are needing to release. Trust your intuition and the process. Let go. This is your safe space to exist as a human, to release and realign. Immerse into a peaceful, meditative state, while taking in the benefits of Reiki + Frequency Healing.


What are some of the benefits of Reiki with Tuning Forks?

May help with:



Body Pain






Menstrual Cycle




Body Love


Inner Peace


What to do to prepare for session?

Dress comfortably.  Avoid bulky or thick sweaters and hoodies.  Avoid or limit amount of alcohol, meat & dairy 24 hours prior. 

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Reiki w/Sound Healing
for Hospice Patients

- Sessions delivered to hospice patient's home or facility

-Creates a soothing and calming environment

- Promotes relaxation and reduces stress, which can help alleviate fear, anxiety and depression commonly experienced by hospice patients

- Helps relieve pain and discomfort by promoting the body's natural healing process and releasing tension and blockages

- Balances the body's energy centers (chakras), which can improve physical, emotional, and mental well-being

- Provides comfort and support during the end-of-life process

- Non-invasive and gentle form of therapy, making it suitable for patients who may have physical limitations or restricted movement

-Clients receive loving energy & touch (or hands hovering)


It's important to note that these benefits may vary from person to person, and that Reiki and tuning forks should be used as complementary therapies alongside traditional medical care.

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