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set yourself free


Immerse yourself in this safe and empowering space to release tightness & tension, rejuvenate your body, connect with your most authentic self & find inner peace through movement, music, and energy healing. 
Learn how to love you.

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Principles of Soul Led Movement- RELEASE.

ROOT- Root yourself, focus on breath, grounding with the feet & elongation of the spine.

ENGAGE- Engage & strengthen the powerhouse of your body- abdominals, chest, hips, back.

LIGHT UP- Light up from within! Release what does not serve you to make room for your beaming light.

EXPLORE- Explore different ways to move, release & give physical loving touch to your body by leading with intuition 

APPRECIATE- Appreciate all that you are! Give gratitude to yourself w/focus on our extensions- legs, feet, arms, & hands

SLOW DOWN-  Slow down in a fast-paced world

EXIST- Just be. Breathe.

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