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Jenel is fantastic and very knowledgeable. I love her personalized classes and once in a while I'll join a group class like the one she did as a donation for animal rescue group. Jenn has a heart of gold and you'll really enjoy her energizing, relaxing, and rejuvenating classes that she offers. -Carla Pressley

Jennifer is an absolutely incredible teacher! Her ability to teach you to connect your mind and body is unmatched! I work in Physical Therapy and absolutely approve of her knowledge to protect the spine and use proper form through each movement. Her voice is like an oasis taking you into the deepest of healing places! I love every session with her and I always leave feeling so refreshed and renewed! She also makes you feel so free and unjudged to express yourself in whatever manner works for you! I cannot recommend her enough! -Reesie Le

Jenn has helped me learn to reduce stress through breathing and focused movement. She has helped me increase my mental, physical and spiritual strength in these past few months. I highly recommend her! -Elisabeth Sherrell

Jennifer is wonderful! I absolutely loved her Reiki session and felt so much lighter and stress-free for several days after. She truly is gifted, and I would go to her on a weekly basis if I could. -Robyn Riojas

Jennifer is AMAZING! She cares and listens and knows when to encourage me to push myself. She is warm and gentle and understanding when life affects me emotionally, and helps me heal through physical movements. I highly suggest taking the time for yourself each week to spend with Jenn, healing, connecting, and strengthening! -Jacqueline Pettit

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