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Explore a new level of Pilates, where we connect mind, body & soul. 
We focus on how we feel instead of what we look like.  


Equipment Private Pilates

  • 50-minute session at my home studio in Keller, TX

  • Equipment includes Pilates Cadillac, Reformer, Spring-Resistant  Chair, Step Barrel Ladder, Spinal Corrector Arc & props

  • Equipment safely supports your body

  • Customized to your needs & goals

  • At this time, women only, unless by referral.


​Workplace Pilates

  • 50-minute session at your business or workplace

  • Do a full body session on your mat with just your body.

  • The perfect addition to your company's employee wellness benefits

  • Helps improve posture and reverse damage done by computer and desk work

  • Builds morale and increases productivity

  • In-Person in Dallas-Fort Worth community, with option to also include up to 100 remote employees

  • Email for info


On-Line Private Pilates

  • 50-minute session done from the comfort of your home

  • Do a full body session on your mat with just your body

  • We will also utilize any props you may have at home

  • Customized to your needs & goals

  • Excellent option for working or new moms, those on a tight schedule, and those who deal with social anxiety or other health reasons where public spaces are avoided.

  • Post-partum sessions available


Silent Group Pilates

  • 50-minute outdoor, group sessions in Keller, TX offered in spring & summer

  • Immerse deeper into sessions with headphones & music

  • Headphones help to block out the outside world

  • Incorporate benefits of Pilates with music & enjoy new playlists each week

  • Variety of classes available

  • Headsets have disposable covers + are sanitized

  • Enjoy the benefits of being in nature while moving your body

  • Makes a healthy & fun activity to do with friends & family

  • Max. 6 per class

  • Available for private booking- fun and unique event to do with friends year round at your home.  Reach out to book & for pricing. 

Pilates arc


Incorporate this versatile, light weight and affordable piece of Pilates equipment into your On-Line Private Sessions. 

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