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In a full body Reiki session, you lay in a relaxed, calm state, practicing breath work and allowing the healing properties of Reiki to flow into you.  We focus on shedding the roles &expectations of everyday life and return to simply being a human. We remove blockages within the main Chakra system, realigning you from within.  Immerse yourself in the power of energetic healing with the incorporation of healing touch, frequency sound immersion, aromatherapy oils and healing crystals.  To book a Reiki session, please go here. Please fill out the Reiki Client Questionnaire to give me an idea on your goals & needs, so I may help you best. 

Benefits of Reiki

Vocal Release

Are you over it some days?  Do you need to just let shit go?  Welcome to Vocal Release incorporated in the Self-Love sessions!  One of my personal favorites that I practice daily.  Through releasing vocally, we  create healing vibrations within our own bodies, while letting go of stress, fear & frustration.  You do not need to know how to sing- I don't.  Vocal Release comes deep from within, release with no judgment.  Be free within your own body!  Loosen up any tightness.  Move your facial muscles in different ways.  We incorporate breath work & light stretching into the sessions. By putting your inhibitions down in the release, it helps your ego to melt away, returning to your more natural & instinctual state. Step outside of our comfort zones to live in freedom, explore & discover.  Let's get comfortable in the uncomfortable.  

To book a Self-Love session incorporating Vocal Release, please go here.   

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Benefits of Vocal Release